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Reselling Managed DNS Services

DurableDNS offers a complete Managed DNS solution for you to provide, private labeled, to your customers. The DurableDNS Reseller program is designed for web hosts, virtual private server providers, dedicated server providers, and data center co-location providers.

Partnering with DurableDNS gives you:

  • A fully functional Managed DNS platform for your customers
  • A SOAP Based API for integrating DurableDNS with your existing applications
  • The ability to private label our name servers with your domain name


Features of DurableDNS Managed DNS Services

DurableDNS specializes in managed DNS services and focuses on providing a top-notch infrastructure for your DNS hosting needs. We focus on providing 100% uptime for the DNS infrastructure. Our infrastructure has been designed with no single points of failure. Our name servers are hosted in 3 separate data centers in 3 distant geographic regions.



Resellers of DurableDNS Managed DNS services pre-pay for DNS queries and are allowed an unlimited number of DNS zones to share the query pool. DNS queries are sold to resellers at the price of $2 per 1 million queries and these queries have no expiration date.